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WEIGHMAX 2020 is the most Advanced customized User programmable weight indicator suitable for all types of TRUCK Weighing applications incorporates inbuilt Truck Memory backup and PC Based user friendly software suitably designed for customized application in Industrial, Mining, steel, Power, Toll and other Public Weighing Requirements.
Neutron Chennai Road weighing system WEIGHMAX 2020 is a Tailor made weighing solutions for all kinds of Truck Static and WIM(Weigh In Motion) weighing applications.
The Road weighing system is the most advanced customized user programmable weight Indicator which provides reliable and consistent performance. The modular Construction of Two card system has very minimal hardware thus ensuring easy operation and maintenance. Weighment of all types of trucks and Maintenance of truck record information using Battery backup Ram, The standard truck management information will be provided through a very efficient embedded Logic software .The software fields / Input headings are customer Programmable, The software suitably designed for customized application in Industrial, Mining, Power, Steel, Cement, Toll and other public weighing requirements.
The system incorporates Hi speed Microcontroller for fast and accurate sampling of weighing results. The fast , high resolution 16 Bit Serial A/D converter provides the required digital weight counts. The system generates printouts for each Truck weighment and reports like daily , periodical for management information system. Host Computer interface is established through USB/ RS 232 / RS 485 / Lan / Modem and the software Supports any type of user selectable Interfaces.
Neutron Chennai's Truck static weighing System is simple and easy to install and can be operational within hours after installation.
The System is Model Approved by Legal Metrology Department , Govt of India and Conforms to OIML Standards.