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  • Weigh Rail Sensor or Loacell Based or Sleeper Based.
  • High speed operation - up to 25 kilometres per hour.
  • Complete flexibility - the systems can differentiate vehicles and exclude specific vehicle types from the weighing process as required, using our ‘Track Logic‘ process.
  • Complete data management for wagon weighing.
  • Rollback facility to detect when it rolls back.
  • Our weighing applications are Designed for all industries that need to weigh rail traffic, including:

  • Static and dynamic weighing of locomotive and wagons.
  • High speed weighing systems apt for installation on main tracks for freight train operators.
  • In-motion weighing systems for torpedo and ladle cars (steel industry).
  • Coke oven charge car static weighers (coal and steel industries).
  • Clinker and finished product weighing systems (cement industry).
  • Weighing / load out systems (cement, coal, mining industries).
  • Mine car weighers (coal industry).
  • Weighing systems to detect overloaded wagons and imbalanced loads (port authorities, freight train operators, mines, etc).
  • We are providing optimistic solutions to our customers, our field experience helpus to develop new applications and provide solutions to logistics problems.