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 Load cells    :  Ranges  1 Kg   To    50 Tone

Single  Point Table  Top Loadcell


This is an economical Load cell meant for off-centre loading applications. It is used in bench, counting and postal Scales. It is strain guage Based Cell constructed from Aluminium Alloy for better sensitivity.

 Compression Loadcell    This  is Steel Loadcell Applicable for  Straight load mostly

                                          truck weigh bridges and Load Testing machines. 


Single  Ended  Beam Loadcell

           This is an Steel  Load cell mostly for Batching Plant

  And  Heavy load applications, ranges available 50 Kg   to 10 Tone


S- Type  Beam   Loadcell  :                                      

Single  Point Platform  Loadcell

Double Ended Shear Beam load cell, is readily capable for tough environments associated with truck scales. Its construction of high alloy tool steel provides optimum protection under impact loading and adverse conditions. The cell is environmentally protected with waterproof seal and is electroless nickel-plated to assure resistance against corrosion.